Macro Programming & Courses

We offer the programming of VBA macros including:
  • user-friendly interface
  • on-site training based completely on customer’s project
  • after-development support within warranty and after warranty period
  • synchronization across multiple Microsoft platforms: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Windows
  • VBA software for finance case scenariosbudget analysis,
    • balance sheet,
    • forecasting solutions,
    • time planner
  • tailor made courses.
We also provide trainings on VBA and macros adopted to a customer’s needs, e.g.:
  • VBA for finance
  • Excel for finance
  • Userforms in VBA
  • VBA for Word
  • VBA for Access
  • VB scripts in Windows
  • VBA for PowerPoint

Please find below a couple of examples of our former projects (name of companies and references can be presented upon request during a meeting):
  • for the finance department of an international diplomatic organization we created a user-friendly interface to import data from 300 different Excel files and convert them into PivotTables, saving significant amount of time per quarter
  • for an international Swiss-based FMCG company we created a macro to forecast ROI across countries
  • for a Norwegian tourism agency we create a system with user interface to plan and schedule guiding as well as we developed a macro to calculate costs of shipping their products
  • for a Swedish Pharmaceutical consulting company we made a macro to export data from a website to a Excel file and convert automatically into an Outlook email with an input from the website
  • for an international Polish-based FMCG company we developed a macro to import data from SAP, format Word document, synchronize files and automatically import data from MS SQL
  • apart from that we have provided multiple times trainings in VBA for international companies